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I. Pre-sale: all for customers
1. According to the size of each part provided by the customer, such as profiles, hardware, insulating glass, etc., a reasonable structural sealing strip can be individually designed for the customer to make the sealing effect more tight
2. According to the price of doors and windows provided by customers, configure corresponding price and material sealing strips for customers to avoid unreasonable waste and reduce costs.
2. Sale: Guarantee product quality and timely delivery
1. Use the company's new equipment and new technology to produce stream products that meet national standards;
2. In the management, the small links will be more accurate and standardized management, and check at every level to ensure product quality;
3. According to the agreement, timely delivery to customers.
Third, after-sales: the first time to solve the problem, return or exchange
1. For all aspects of the use of rubber strips raised by customers, the company appointed a special person to solve them in time.
2. For products that do not meet the quality requirements, return or exchange within one month;
3. Regularly provide technical guidance and communication for customers' problems in the process of making doors and windows to ensure that customers and end users are satisfied and assured.

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