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★ The main raw material of Fengyang EPDM is the EPDM rubber produced by Dow and DuPont of the United States. High-quality raw materials are the fundamental guarantee of product quality.
★ Adopt reasonable technical formula to enhance its physical properties, the proportion of products is obviously lower than other similar products.
★ The design concept of the sealing strip mouth shape is advanced, and the self-designed processing makes the section of the product more reasonable and optimized, and the yield rate is much higher than similar products. .
★ Focus on manufacturing and processing of sealing products all the year round. Extensive experience in extensive profile matching has enabled it to quickly form its unique formula advantage in the building door, window and curtain wall industry, making it more optimized in quality and cost.
★ The equipment adopts microwave vulcanization and infrared shaping, the overall product line is smooth, the color is uniform, and the surface forms a matte texture.
★ The product has good stability, and the tensile tear strength far exceeds the national standard.
★ Under the condition of minus 40 degrees and high temperature of 160 degrees, the product's physical properties such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone and anti-aging are basically unchanged. It is very suitable for use in areas with relatively harsh climatic conditions and large temperature differences between day and night.
★ Provide 20-year product quality guarantee, so you can use it without any worries.

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