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Installation Notes

Installation Notes

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1. Before installation, do a compatibility test between the rubber strip and the coating profile. The rubber strip that is in contact with plastic such as plexiglass and polystyrene should be declared before placing an order to avoid mutual erosion of the rubber strip and contact objects. .
2. In order to make the installation smooth, the rubber strip can be coated with silicone oil or saponification liquid.
3. When the rubber strip is installed, it is strictly forbidden to pull it harder. It should be longer than the length of the profile (2% for PVC, 1% for thermoset elastomers and rubber) to prevent the seal from failing due to shrinkage.
4. The factory can adopt necessary tooling fixtures (such as rolling wheels) according to the needs. 5. It is best to use the entire strip. The 90-degree cut at the corner should not be completely cut off and use appropriate adhesive for bonding.
6. After installation, the position of the rubber strip barge should be reserved as far as possible above the doors and windows to prevent rainwater from seeping in along the barge. If necessary, use corner pieces.
7. When using glass clamp strips, a buffer rubber pad should be installed under the glass.
8. It is best to use embedded installation to facilitate installation and secondary maintenance.
9. Installation of window frames and sashes:
① After welding the corner, push the rubber strip in the correct direction and use the special roller to push the rubber strip into the profile groove a little harder, and at the same time press the rubber triangle triangle cap down into the profile groove. Because the rubber strip is rubber, it may shrink after being rolled. The correct method is to retract the two ends of the rubber strip to the middle when the rubber strip is installed at the two-end interface, leaving a shrinkage of 2-3 cm. The margin is then clipped off the embedding.
②Glass bead (single glass, double glass) Pass the rubber strip into the groove of the profile manually by the correct side, push the rubber strip-end forward firmly, and when it is pushed to the end of the front profile, glue the two ends The bar is retracted a little to the middle, and then 1-2 cm is left at each end to cut off. If the size of the profile slot is irregular and difficult to penetrate, you can use a little silicone oil to brush it in the profile slot. Reduce installation load. The correct installation method can ensure that your doors and windows achieve satisfactory results in terms of air-tightness and water-tightness without shortening and missing corners.
③When using the entire roll of rubber strip, first unpack the packaging line and remove it. The upper packaging tray cover, pull out the middle paper core, pull the rubber strip open end from the middle, use it from the inner ring, the correct way of use, It can avoid the entanglement and knotting of rubber strips, saving installation man-hours.

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