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Shandong Lintong Fengyang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Qixian Plastic Industrial Park, Dongcheng Street, Lincheng County, Jiangbei Aluminum Profile. Serving as one of the professional manufacturers of sealing tape.
Our company uses CAD numerical control technology to design and produce various types of EPDM rubber seals, EPDM sponge (foam) rubber seals, silicone rubber seals, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) seals. , Decorative seals, rubber and plastic seals, PVC seals, plastic steel door and window seals, aluminum alloy door and window seals, doors and windows shock-absorbing seals, building curtain wall rubber seals, etc.
The company always adheres to the idea of ​​"building brand with quality and expanding market with integrity", and ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and takes quality management as an important part of the enterprise management system. From the procurement of raw materials, the production of rubber strips, and the final inspection of products, a set of strict management systems have been implemented in accordance with relevant international and domestic standards to ensure product quality. Our company has perfect production equipment, the most advanced international rubber automatic speed-adjusting extruder, intelligent super-speed hot air vulcanization production line. The raw material we use is EPDM rubber, which is the carbon black of the United States DuPont or the DSM company in the Netherlands. All other accelerators are also imported. Perfect inspection methods and advanced testing equipment provide users with first-class products with high quality and low price.
Shandong · Linfeng Fengyang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. enthusiastically hopes that friends and colleagues from all walks of life will understand Fengyang more deeply, pay attention to Fengyang, come to visit and exchange cooperation in Fengyang, and work together to create brilliant!

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Shandong linqu fengyang plastic products co., LTD sincerely hopes that friends and colleagues from all walks of life can have a deeper understanding of fengyang, pay close attention to fengyang, and come to visit fengyang for exchange Cooperation, work together to create brilliant!

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