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Why does Volkswagen "reduction" seal tape? Japanese and Korean are basically there, the reason is not simple

Many people, even old drivers, may not know what the sealing tape on the car has. In fact, this inconspicuous thing is very important for the car, it can fill the gap in the middle o

Volkswagen does not use sealing tape on the roof. Why do Japanese and Korean cars have almost all?

What does the sealant do on the car? It is estimated that most car owners do not know that car seals have the function of gaps between the car bodies, and also have shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, decorative and other functions. Japanese, Korean, and even Mercedes-Benz and BMW have sealing tapes. Why is this? Is it because the public wants to sa

The difference between the "sealing strips" of the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, this kind of sealing strip has the best sealing effect!

The sealing strip is used to seal the glass and the fan and the frame of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the broken bridge, and it has the functions of waterproof, energy saving, sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warm. The common seal materials on the market are PVC, EPDM and TPE.

What are the general types of automotive sealing tape? I know these 4!

1. Vulcanized rubber sealing tape, which is a non-polar saturated main chain molecular structure polymer material, has very good high temperature resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Its molecular structure contains polar acetate side Base, outstanding chemical resistance, oil resistance and chemical resista
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